The heating was better then

I will say that I think that the heating the two of us had way back when was better than the heating the two of us have now. This is just my opinion of course. But I preferred the sizzling water boilers, the steam boilers, the gas oil furnaces that were electric plus the gas gas furnaces… Central heating to me just doesn’t do it. I think that central heating is just too dry plus it makes my skin flake. It also occasionally makes me dehydrated. This is why I got rid of my central heating plus a/c method plus went for a sizzling water boiler for my heating plus got a few window a/c units for my cooling. I love it the old college way. And I am absolutely glad that this old heating plus cooling technology is still available today. I guess eventually this will no longer be available. But while it is here plus as long as I can run it, I will take it plus this is how I will heat plus cool my home. I made this decision just this past year after having a central heating plus a/c method for over a decade plus a half. I just did not love the heating plus also I did not love all the money I had to put out every single year on heating plus a/c method service. Having a sizzling water boiler for instance takes no professional service what so ever other than if the sizzling water boiler were to cut down, then none of this tune up plus check up stuff. The same with the window a/cs.
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