Having a ductless mini split in your yoga studio is helpful

I started teaching meditation classes at a local yoga studio in my town.

I recently became a certified meditation mentor, so I’m honored to be able to share this craft and build on my own experience and comprehension.

I taught a class the other evening and realized that I should always make sure the air conditioning is comfortable before the class starts. The studio owner provided myself and others a run down of the cooling system before it started. He told myself and others that they have a central cooling system for the entire studio that runs all of the time. However, they recently installed a ductless mini split inside of the main studio because the air doesn’t circulate as well when the doors to it are closed. I chose to keep the mini duct split turned off for the class because I was afraid that it would be noisy and distracting for the meditation. However, I could tell that it was heating up pretty hastily when the class began, next time I will turn on the mini split and see if that helps the air conditioning in the room so that all of us don’t sweat while sitting there. I didn’t think the air conditioning would make that sizable of a difference, but it sure did! I’m definitely gleeful to keep teaching classes and see how it builds overtime. Most people don’t see meditation being beneficial without doing the movement of yoga, even though I think it makes a huge difference. Sitting in meditation provides you with a lot of insight that moving in asana may not quite provide.



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