Lunch was not comfortable

I went to dinner today with a co worker at this eating establishment here in town. It was a genuinely hot morning plus when both of us entered the eating establishment to have dinner both of us expected to be greeted with quality central a/c. However this was not the case. It seemed that the central heating plus a/c idea in the eating establishment was not working right. So the a/c was genuinely minimal to say the least. Still both of us decided to have dinner there because it was close to work plus both of us had minimal time to eat. The a/c was even worse where both of us ended up being seated. The air vents were not pumping out any central a/c plus both of us were genuinely uncomfortable. It got to the point where both of us asked them to just prepare our order for take out plus both of us ended up eating in the car. Because the central a/c was that poor both of us had to do this. There was no way both of us would even be able to eat in there. It was a genuinely uncomfortable dinner, one thing I personally decided was that I was never going to come to this eating establishment again unless I got word that they fixed their central heating plus a/c idea unit. I do not think how anyone would even be able to sit being in there, the workers included. I guess that is why the site did not have too several people eating plus there was a lot of take out going on. If you do not have quality heating plus a/c, no wonder!

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