Super impressed with these

I tried out washable air filters for the first time Last year plus I have to tell you I am super impressed with them! When I first heard about washable air filters I was not sure if it was all hype plus if they definitely worked as they say they did. After all, the concept of washing a used up air filter sounds a little far-fetched to be able to use it again as if it were brand new. Well, the washable air filters were on sale at our local hardware store plus I decided to buy some to give them a try. If they were poor I could constantly return them plus go plus get the proper air filters that I usually buy. There was no need for that though because the washable air filters worked definitely great! When I went to clean a single the first time it was all used up it cleaned definitely easy. Then I was able to put that air filter right back into our central heating plus a/c idea as if it were a brand new filter I just pulled out of the package. I could not think that these things entirely worked this easy. Now that I think washable air filters are amazing I will keep on buying washable air filters instead of the proper air filters moving forward. In the long run this will save myself and others money on air filters for our central heating plus a/c idea unit too. I can clean the washable air filters up to 4 times before they need to be updated plus I think it is definitely great!


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