The country club

There was this country club I used to go to when I was younger to play hockey.

  • I absolutely enjoyed a lot of things about this site.

The main thing I enjoyed about it was the central heating and air conditioner that they had in the club apartment of the country club. After a nice long game of hockey I could go in there and relax in either the nice cool air conditioner or the nice moderate heating. All depending on what time of the year that it was. At this time having quality central air conditioner in sites were scarce because central heat and cooling system was so new on the HVAC market. And the fact the country club had central heating and air conditioner was absolutely great. I especially enjoyed the summer time time weeks of the year. Because it would get pretty sizzling occasionally. I would go to the country club a lot this time of year just to hang out in the club apartment to take in the lovely air conditioner and not even play a game of hockey! At my apartment at the time there was no central air conditioner system. Only a window air conditioner unit. And the cooling from that window air conditioner unit that I had was nothing like the central air conditioner that the country club had. They had a commercial heating and air conditioner plan which was even more powerful than the regular residential heating and air conditioner systems that were undoubtedly lavish at that time. Heating and air conditioner is why I went to this country club for several years.

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