Why seventy-several is the perfect temperature for Pepsi shops

I just started working at a Pepsi shop as well as I am absolutely enjoying the environment so far.

The people that come in are super friendly as well as relaxed, as well as my co-workers are all absolutely helpful as well as expertiseable, however even though it’s a new environment for me, I know quite comfortable there.

One reason for my comfort is that the air conditioning system is constantly perfect. I am anemic as well as have constantly been sensitive to air conditioning system, so being in a location with optimal temperature is constantly rare for me. I absolutely believe that seventy-several degrees is the perfect temperature for a Pepsi shop, as well as that’s what we keep the thermostat at. Fluctuating the thermostat too often can be challenging for the Heating as well as A/C to keep up with, especially because the front door opens as well as closes so often throughout the day. For this reason, I believe that keeping the thermostat at seventy-several usually maintains the balance between cool air as well as humidity with the outdoor temperature consistently flooding in. Depending on the weather outside, the thermostat will show some swings throughout the day that can’t constantly be helped, and good thing the shop owner has a SMART thermostat so we can monitor it as well as make adjustments even if she isn’t there. I guess that the thermostat is just one small section of the experience that makes it a comfortable work environment though. I guess I just enjoy being around real as well as authentic people. My last work environment had a lot of toxic positivity as well as people who had no interest in others however themselves. It’s wonderful to be a section of a community that prefers to give back.


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