Creatures can sometimes crawl through your A/C vent

I think as a homeowner we are constantly learning new things.

I feel like this is even more so the case if the home has a lot of differences in comparison to your childhood home.

For example, the home that I grew up in had these really horrible window air conditioning units. It was a literal breath of fresh air to start living somewhere that had central air conditioning instead. Since I didn’t have them where I grew up, I wasn’t very familiar with air ducts and how to clean them. I asked my air conditioning technician to provide me with some foundational information when he came for an A/C repair one day. He told me that air ducts don’t need to be cleaned super often, with most people scheduling cleanings every three or so years. One reason that cleaning air ducts is important is because small creatures and critters like flies, roaches, and sometimes lizards can get stuck and die inside of the air ducts. I was pretty repulsed by this information because I could only think about how dead critters may impact the air quality. Thank goodness we had to get our air ducts cleaned shortly after that visit because I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I knew it was clean. I really enjoy getting to learn about my home, its unique qualities, and how I can preserve them over time. Sometimes it can be frustrating and even defeating to deal with some of the homeowner challenges, but with every challenge or bump I know that I am learning and growing from it.

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