Five Years without A/C and Thankful that’s Over

one year, I was driving back from the southern tip of our state, and sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Interstate, when I discovered that it seemed awfully hot out and someone’s car smelled like rubber burning.

As I was looking around to make sure none of the cars were on fire, I discovered it was my car that smelled like it was burning.

It was my air conditioning unit! That’s right, as I sat Wesley outside the thermostat reading close to Triple digits, my AC decided to abandon me. Getting home was absolutely miserable without having the AC running and blasting on my face. This was not December, mind you, this was July. Anyway, one of the first things I did when I got home was to take my Honda Element into the shop. That is when I discovered that the compressor in my AC unit needed to be replaced, as did several other components of the air conditioning. That is also when I learned it was going to cost over $1,500 to replace all those parts. Well, at that time, I was working at a church for only $10 an hour, and there was absolutely no way I could get my hands on $1,500. I was not able to fix the air conditioning at that time, and never did I get it done. I owned that car for five more years, and each one of those years I meant there was no AC for me in the summer. When I would leave my workplace at 5 p.m. and drive home, I would feel like if I did not get some cooling soon I was going to pass out. I think it is very dangerous to have cars in my neck of the woods that do not have AC in them. heating and cooling is required for buildings here, and I almost think it should be required for vehicles as well. Anyway eventually I sold that car and got another one with a cold AC that blasts me. I also have a better job, and if the air conditioning goes out in this car, I will not hesitate to get it fixed. I am glad those years without Adequate cooling are behind me.
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