Going for it

When I want something I always go for it no matter what.

The most recent thing that I really want is to become a certified heating and air conditioning specialist.

I am in my middle ages now and I already have a job, but not a career. So I decided I am going to go to heating and cooling school at night during the week and start the process to get the certification to become a heating and air conditioning specialist. I will then quit my job once I have that heating and air conditioning certification and find a job working for one of our really great heating and air conditioning companies here in town. They are always looking to hire new and fresh heating and cooling specialists who just got out of heating and air conditioning school. I start classes next week in the evening after I get home from work. The heating and air conditioning school courses are supposed to be for 6 months, which is better than spending years in a college getting a degree that chances are you will never get a job doing. At least with heating and air conditioning going to school is a worthwhile investment as long as you pass the classes. You will actually have a career in the heating and cooling business and it will not be a waste of time, energy and money. This is why I am going for it! And I know that I will pass the course with flying colors at the end.
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