I prefer having the comfort of indoor heating and cooling

There are lots of young people in this country who seem to be entirely irritated all the time, rates of depression plus suicide increase all the time! Drug use plus going to rehab is always the thing to do, but people are in the streets complaining about all kinds of stuff, plus even millionaires who play pigskin seem to know it’s okay not to stand 4 our country’s anthem.

Blessedly, I know these people need to come to grips with reality, but the reality is every one of us are blessed as a nation; then yes, our country plus our people have complications, then but for the most part our complications are minor in comparison to those of people in the vast majority of the rest of the world.

This country Is quite young plus every one of us has come a long way in a short period of time because of the diligence of the people who came before us! I discovered when I went on a getaway a couple of years ago that almost no one in that whole country has air conditioning, for example. I had absolutely no idea that such a tropical locale with such high temperature control readings all year long plus such tremendous humidity would have people residing without HVAC. I don’t know if they need any sort of heating, but air conditioning seems to myself and others to be a necessity rather than a luxury. They do not see it the same way but. In fact, I quickly learned that the locales that have air conditioning are those that cater to tourism, however even the little home I rented on Airbnb did not have the air conditioning love I am used to. In other words, the only AC they had was a little mini split air conditioning system in the living room. If I wanted to kneel in the living room; not to mention, I had to sweat. There was a ceiling fan oh, but it barely moved plus was essentially useless. I was talking to someone about it, plus that is when I discovered that approximately 90% of the world’s population has no HVAC, but we are blessed to live with all the amazing comforts that every one of us have, including scrubbed water at the touch of a faucet, electricity at the flip of a switch, plus heating plus cooling whenever every one of us want it.

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