I wanted mini splits instead of a central HVAC system

My modern home is pretty old, but it is almost a hundred years old, in fact, and I find it to be quite Charming.

It is near the historic area of my city, but it is not considered a historic building that must get all improvements approved by the historic committee… And anyway, I am glad about that, because I am considering replacing the central heating and cooling plan with many mini chop units throughout my house, and the reasons for this are multiple! First of all, my heating and air conditioning unit is getting genuinely aged and inefficient.

It is a wonderful heating and air conditioning system, but all mechanical things wear out, and that includes random air coolers. My heating and air conditioning corporation has told me that it will be difficult, if not impossible, to get parts for my heating and air conditioning plan in about 2 or 3 years. The manufacturers simply stopped making those heating and air conditioning parts when they considered the heating and air conditioning systems actually should be upgraded anyway. I could just upgrade the whole heating and air conditioning plan with another one, but 3 times now I have had to upgrade the HVAC duct in my modern home Because critters have gotten in the crawlspace and torn up my air ducts. I am simply tired of doing that, so a ductless A/C unit has a peel. In addition, I would appreciate being able to use the air cooler in the guest living room only when it is needed. If I have guests, and they have a mini-chop A/C in their room, they could adjust the temperature control to whatever they want, allowing them to be more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, I have a formal living room and a more comfortable and laid-back family room. I am also only one person and cannot be in both of those rooms at the same time. In fact, one is in the back of the modern home and the other is in the front, and having mini chop units could allow me to have genuinely quiet air cooler running in one room while the other one simply has no A/C on, plus, mini chop units are inexpensive, straight-forward to install, and inexpensive to install, and also straight-forward to repair.

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