My brother has a crazy house with an upgraded HVAC system

My brother has what can only be called a new house… His house is certainly odd from mine, because mine is a historic home! My house is almost 100 years old, and I think it was built about 10 years ago.

For those numerous years, our brother has been getting every new Gadget and machine for his house… When smart thermostats came out, he was first in line to get 1 at Home Depot.

He called an actual heating and A/C guy to come install the thermostat and also to teach him how to use it, the smart thermostat allowed him to control his heating and cooling method via his cell PC oh, and he fell in love with that, then it was that A/C app on his PC that led him to consider other heating and A/C improvements in the house. When he bought the house, the air conditioning method was Builder grade, and not all that exciting. In fact, it was pretty fancy to run the heating and cooling. That is when he discovered heating and A/C with Zone control, then because his house is more than one story, he found it quite inefficient to run the central air conditioning throughout the entire home, and heating and A/C with Zone control seems like a great solution to that. He now has three zones in his home, and each 1 of those zones can be set to an odd thermostat setting, but one zone is the downstairs study rooms. The other zone is the rest of the downstairs. The third zone is the upstairs, which consists of more than one study rooms and more than one lavatories and a room That entirely has no purpose. Unless he has a dealer, he does not run the air conditioning at a low thermostat setting upstairs, and not only that, he has sensors in the A/C vents that determine whether anyone is in a certain room. If not, the heating and A/C method automatically adjusts the thermostat setting in that room. He also claims that he saves a lot of money, and maybe he does, although he sure spends a lot of money on that amazing heating and A/C system.

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