Our car heater broke on the way to our grandparents

We plan a trip to visit my grandparents every single winter.

My sister and I love going to see our grandparents because they have the biggest yard that turns into a winter wonderland.

We love making snowmen and having snowball fights! We have to drive pretty far to get to their house, and that can be a doozy. On our way up to their home this year, our car heater stopped working about midway through the trip. Having a broken car heater doesn’t make for a very fun road trip when it’s snowing outside. My parents decided to stop and find a technician that would service the car in this weather. It took us a while but we finally found a technician that said he would take a look at our heater. The mechanic kind of scolded my dad for not getting the heater serviced with a tune up before we got on the road because there was a part that ended up burning out. If he had gotten the heater and air conditioner checked out, they would have serviced the part, but now it has to be replaced. It took about an hour and a half for the heater to be fixed and ready to go, so we walked over to the diner next door for a bite to eat. I was so happy to walk in and immediately feel the heater on my face. After we enjoyed a good meal and hot chocolate, we got back into the car and continued the rest of the trip to my grandparent’s house.

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