They were busy

This past summer we had some real bad heat.

  • The heat was so bad that nearly everyone’s central heating and air conditioning system was overworking itself and causing the heat and a/c units to break down.

When my central heating and air conditioning system broke down because of this issue and I called the local heating and cooling company, there were no heat and a/c specialists available till the next day! That is how busy they were. There were no emergency heating and air conditioning spots open. I really wish at that point that I had a portable air conditioning system. Because I ended up having to go spend a few hundred bucks to stay at a hotel that night because of this. I was really not happy about it. Never the less the next day the heating and air conditioning company sent out their certified heat and a/c specialist to repair my central heating and air conditioning system and my central heat and a/c unit was working again to the fullest. I was glad that I had air conditioning again. But this was quite a hit to my bank account between the hotel stay and the heating and air conditioning system repair. This actually woke me up to the fact that I needed to go out and buy a portable air conditioner. This way the next time something like this may happen I will not have to go to a hotel and can save money by using the portable air conditioning system to keep me cool while I wait for a heating and air conditioning specialist to be available.


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