Frustrated with renters

I enroll in a program that includes monthly service.

As I’ve bought more and more rental properties, I’ve learned that maintenance is a constant problem. Everything from mowing the lawns to changing HVAC filters needs to be done on a regular basis. The renters can not be depended on to take care of even minimal upkeep. They don’t rake up leaves, sweep the sidewalks or even keep the stairways clear. Every time I visit the properties, I find garbage in the lawn, weeds in the gardens and all sorts of stuff piled in the hallways. I have sent out letters, reminders and warnings about what is permitted. I would hope that the renters would take pride in the property. Instead, I find dog poop, kids toys and beer cans in the yard. I can’t mow the lawn until I’ve spent half an hour picking up after the renters. I now throw away anything I find. If someone leaves a tricycle or a hibachi grill in the yard, it goes in the trash. If there is pet feces in the grass, all of the renters incur a fine. It’s extremely aggravating. I’ve even tried hiring professionals to help with the maintenance of the plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical systems. I enroll in a program that includes monthly service. When the technicians show up at the property, many of the renters refuse to let them in. I still pay the same amount whether or not the HVAC technician cleans and adjusts the air conditioners or not. The same renters who refuse to allow the plumber access to the apartment to clean the drains and flush the water heaters are the ones who call me in the middle of the night because of a dripping faucet.
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