Using a jump rope app

I am a little bit obsessed with jumping rope. In my opinion, it’s one of the most advantageous workouts. In a very short amount of time, jumping rope burns an incredible amount of calories. The repetitive motion is high intensity, engaging the whole body and requiring a great deal of balance, skill and stamina. It’s also fun. When I first got started, I struggled to jump for thirty seconds without tripping on the rope or needing a rest. With practice, I’ve significantly increased my abilities and capacity. I’ve invested into a specialized rubber mat that won’t slip or curl beneath my feet. I have purchased the Crossrope system that includes four different weights of ropes. I have a quarter-pound, half-pound, one-pound and two-pound rope that each attach to a single set of handles by way of a metal clasp. It is quick and easy to switch from one rope to another. Each size of rope provides a different style of exertion. The heavier ropes rotate more slowly and are far more exhausting. They are better for strength training. The lighter ropes are better for practicing new skills and jumping for longer periods of time. I use guided workouts offered through an app on my phone. Following instruction helps to motivate and prevents me from being lazy. The training sessions vary from beginner to intermediate and advanced. They can be anywhere from ten minutes to an hour long. Some of them are strictly jumping and use all four weights of rope. Some of the workouts incorporate non-jumping exercises such as abdominal crunches, push-ups and lunges. I like that the app keeps a record of my workouts. I know how many days during the month I’ve worked for, how many minutes and how many calories I’ve burned.



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