A retired Heating & A/C tech does my work for me

It took myself and others a little bit to get the hang of being a landlord.

Never had I envisioned myself as being the kind of dude to own property, however after an inheritance this is where I find myself.

The logistics of handling these renters, juggling their concerns, & collecting rent are too much for me, so I pay a property supervisor to handle all the details. This is a recent development for me, because at 1st I tried to handle it all myself with disastrous results. I thought I could save money by doing some of the handyman tasks myself, & almost immediately I ruined a central Heating & A/C method by trying to tune it up. After that I refused to ever touch another Heating & A/C method again. If it is anything more advanced than decreasing a dirty HEPA air filter, or putting current batteries in the control component then I will call an expert to handle it! I have forged a solid working relationship with a local man named Ben, who recently retired after 25 years in the Heating & A/C industry. Ben might be retired although he is bored, & he cares about money, so I pay Ben “under the table” to handle any Heating & A/C emergencies that come up. Since Ben still has his Heating & A/C certification he is legally allowed to do the work, although our current arrangement is less than legal. By now working with an “outlaw” Heating & A/C tech instead of a legit supplier I am saving myself more than nine thousand dollars a year, or more! Ben makes extra money, & I save a lot of money so almost everyone wins.

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