Converting the old garage into a brand new room

Having kids on a tiny budget is a juggling act & walking a tightrope all at the same time, then so many things need to be perfectly balanced, just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, my little kids turned into surly teens, however they were larger, they needed more space, & they needed privacy.

There was not too much I could do, because extra study rooms don’t grow on trees; Instead I decided to convert the old, dusty 1-car garage into a spare study room for my oldest son.

It would need a lot of cosmetic work done, however it would also need a/c & an updated electrical panel. It would be simple enough to simply set up a portable heating & a/c component in the garage, however that won’t 100% solve the problem of air quality. It is a garage with brick floors & plain walls, used entirely for storage, & the air quality out there is musty, dusty, & damp, however controlling the high humidity, & restoring the air quality to something more habitable is the first issue, however after a very deep cleaning & a slight remodel, I hope that a portable Heating & A/C component can maintain the garage going forward. The current models of portable Heating & A/C systems are really quite unusual compared to the 1s I remember as a kid. These aren’t just a heavy box that you mount in a window, modern air conditioning units also have internal dehumidifiers & air cleaners… With the right method in location, I guess the air quality in the old, dusty garage will be better than ever.


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