I couldn't wait three more days

I hate waiting for things to happen, and I’m not the type of person to sit around and wait, even when it is necessary.

I called a gas furnace service company in January, because the equipment was making a strange noise! The service company told me that everything was fine.

The noise was nothing that I needed to be worried about, so I stopped stressing out every time I heard the strange sound. Then last week, the noise started to get louder. It was so loud that I finally contacted the same heating service service. I told the person on the phone that the same problem was occurring and I needed repair tech instantly. She didn’t have anyone until the next day. It was already after 7 at night, so I waited until the next day, however after the service supplier told me that I had to wait many more nights for the gas furnace parts to arrive, I got distraught and miserable. I didn’t understand why they didn’t have the parts that I needed, and my gas furnace was only a few years old. Surely they were servicing machines much older than mine. I complained about the time frame for the parts and the supervisor of the service company gave me a 10% discount on the repair fees. It wasn’t a big amount, but at least the woman recognized that my complaints were legitimate. That made me feel a lot better about paying for the gas furnace repair. I got a warranty on the services, and I should not have any troubles with the gas furnace for the rest of the season.

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