I need to find myself a reliable A/C tech

When you handle a lot of rental properties, you are constantly having to solve problems & “put out fires” as the expression goes.

Gladly I’ve never had to deal with a real fire! Mostly the concerns have to do with around-the-home repairs & general upkeep, so I keep a handyman named Don on retainer.

If I was making more money I would hire a property supervisor to handle all this stuff for me, however for right now I have to handle it myself. Don is really skilled in most domestic tasks, although he is not yet certified in Heating & A/C systems repair, which means I need to contract ith a local supplier. I own a lot of rental properties, & it is pretty luxurious paying for a Heating & A/C supplier every time there is a problem, however you think why? Because there is constantly a new problem! Renters never lift a finger to maintain their own properties, which means every tiny thing from decreasing the air filters to replacing the batteries in the control units is up to myself and Don. I have made Don an offer to pay for his evening classes if he wants to learn Heating & A/C repair himself! Even if I pay for Don’s books & Heating & A/C training courses it will still be cheaper than what I pay the HVAC supplier every month. The Heating & A/C industry is really strict, & if you do not have your official certification you cannot legally task on heating the cooling systems. If Don isn’t interested in taking classes to learn Heating & A/C repairs, perhaps I need to start looking around for a more current handyman.


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