I was looking for an a/c for the bus

The thought of converting an old university bus into a spare room had never occurred to me, until I wound up with 1 on my property.

It had no wheels, nor any kind of engine, however the metal structure of the automobile was still strong.

Since I couldn’t haul it away – there was no location to haul it to – I decided to get a little more creative & turn it into a spare guest room. I have guests come to visit from time to time, & with the right touches the bus could task as a cottage, or a guest suite. The cosmetic touches were self-explanatory enough, however it got more complicated when it came to plumbing, electricity, & a/c. There was no way to have a livable section without running water & HVAC control. I wanted to do this undoubtedly on my own, without the help of an electrician or a Heating & A/C tech, so I turned to the wellSpring of all modern expertise – Youtube, of course! I spent hours on end searching for the right channel, so I could find some insight into how to install the HVAC control method on the bus. After many afternoons of watching videos, I arrived at the conclusion that it would simply be too dangerous to install an Heating & A/C method myself. Instead I should just buy a portable, small Heating & A/C method capable of heating & cooling, & mount that on the roof of the bus. By doing it like this I will save myself hundreds of dollars worth of Heating & A/C equipment, & a good deal of time. The Heating & A/C method sitting on the roof won’t look great, however it will get the task done.


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