Making fire can save your life

Learning how to make a fire is 1 of the most basic life skills, so everyone reading this needs to learn how to do it. Not to get too dramatic about it, however the ability to make fire is what set man above the other life forms, making fire led to the rise of mankind as the two of us think it, and moreover, the ability to build a fire can be the difference between life & death in a wilderness survival situation. The odds are good that you will never need to make a fire to survive the evening… however wouldn’t you rather understand how, just in case? Both of us tend to take heating for granted, no matter where the two of us are, however you have to keep in mind that Mother Nature is a monster, and can take it all away at any time. When I was a kid I l acquired a fancy lesson about the importance of having heating, 1 I still vividly remember. My parents used a really old furnace that required a constant supply of heating oil. One afternoon they drove into town to buy more heating oil before the big ice storm hit. The storm came early, & after skidding off the highway my parents could not make it back out to the house. With no heating oil the oil furnace could not work, so there I was trapped all alone in the home as the temps started to drop. I found a sectional oil furnace in 1 of the closets, however when the power went out it was useless to me. I realized that I could use the old stone fireplace to keep myself hot through the evening, however I didn’t understand how to make a fire yet!


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