The Heating & A/C tech showed up to work drunk

Max came to the shop drunk again this afternoon.

I have no method when this guy ever sleeps.

To my expertise Max starts drinking beers as soon as he clocks out, around 5 or 6 in the evening. Max keeps drinking until 5 or 6 the following afternoon before he drags himself back to work. I think Max must find time to sleep at some point, I just can’t figure out how he does it! Max is a very nice guy, however I actually don’t guess he is break out for a job in the heating & cooling industry. The Heating & A/C task is a hard 1, it requires focus, patience, & a strong task ethic, & Max has none of these qualities. When he is at work, & sober, Max is a good Heating & A/C tech, especially when it comes to customer service. Max might take a while to finish an cooling system tune-up, although he is the best at talking to the clients. In the last year Max has become my top salesperson when it comes to the annual Heating & A/C repair plans. Max has the “gift of gab” & after a few minutes of conversation he can convince a lot of people how fancy the annual Heating & A/C repair method is, but out of all my Heating & A/C techs Max is the best at this, so I actually don’t want to fire him! On the other hand, if Max keeps coming to task drunk it won ‘t matter how many annual Heating & A/C repair plans he sells. Drinking & fixing Heating & A/C systems do not mix, & sooner or later Max will get himself hurt.

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