The whole reason we called the guy was to fix the AC

After a week of vacation at the beach, I was sunburned red with lots of little blisters on my arms and legs.

The flight home was absolutely miserable.

The lady next to me had to get up and use the bathroom 15 different times. Every time she got up, I had to move and I felt the pain in my arms and legs. I moved the ventilation ducting in my direction so all of the cool air was coming down in my area. When I finally got back to my apartment, all I wanted to do was put up my feet and relax. Unfortunately, there was no AC in my apartment. I checked the thermostat and the machine and I even flipped the breaker for the AC and the whole apartment. Nothing seemed to help the situation so I called a repairman. It took about 2 hours before the repairman arrived. I waited patiently while the guy evaluated the system. The HVAC technician told me that the AC system could not be repaired until the next day. The whole reason why I called the guy in the first place was to fix that AC and I was very upset that he did not think that was going to be possible until the next day. Why did I have to pay an emergency service fee for the after hours call if he could not remedy the problem right away. I was very upset and I decided to call another AC repair company. Unfortunately, no one could fix the system until the next day.
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