We had to sit in the heat in these tiny little modular boxes

It’s going to be a long time before I forget about covid-19 and how it affected everything and everyone.

I still carry my vaccine card in my pocket and I get my booster shots when I am supposed to.

I lost several members of my family to the illness and I know lots of other people that lost loved ones as well. During the height of the pandemic, I volunteered to work at one of the mobile covid-19 testing centers. As a retired nurse, I know how to spot symptoms of sickness. The covid-19 testing centers were totally miserable. We had to sit inside of this tiny little modular box all day in the heat. The mobile covid-19 testing centers did not have any AC at all. There were times when I thought I might have a fever just because I was getting overheated. After the pandemic subsided, I wonder what they did with all of the portable covid-19 buildings, testing facilities, and isolation equipment. Does all of that stuff get thrown into a landfill somewhere or can it be reused at another time? I wonder what happened to all of the extra masks, hand sanitizer, and other medical supplies. At the height of the pandemic, I couldn’t find a single bottle of hand sanitizer for less than $4 and now they are all over the supermarket, pharmacy, and grocery store for a dollar. The Dollar Tree down the street even has hand sanitizer, packs of masks, and other covid testing solutions and they are all available for only a dollar.


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