I’m getting a lot of use out of my smart thermostat

At first I was undoubtedly hesitant about getting a smart thermostat, and however, I was finally talked into it by a great buddy of mine… And all I can say is I am glad that I was.

Because this new smart thermostat is possibly the best thing I ever obtained for my central heating and a/c unit! It has made my energy bills so much lower and it has also made operating my central heating and a/c so much more convenient thanks to the app that is on my cell phone and my apartment PC. I no longer have to get up and change the thermostat setting if it gets too hot or cold while I am relaxing on my couch. I can just have my cell phone nearby and change it to whatever it needs to be. Also the great thing in terms of energy savings is that I can control the smart thermostat from anywhere I am at. If I am at task I can turn off the central heating and a/c when I go out the door in the afternoon… Then, when I am getting in my automobile to come to the apartment from work, I can turn the central heating and a/c back on again. By the time I get an apartment my beach house is either sizzling or cool as if I had the central heating and a/c running all day long! This is the awesome beauty of having a smart thermostat and the app to control it. I am so ecstatic that my buddy talked myself and others into this!


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