A clean freak and air purification go hand in hand

There’s just no telling why I’m the way I am.

Somehow, I just showed up to the planet with a want for organization and cleanliness.

If my environment isn’t clean and organized I’m pretty much all to pieces. Cleanliness and order are just simply essential to my happiness. I had a mom that was so not like that. She spent most of her time enjoying red wine while sitting in the air conditioning. The cleaning of the house was up to a maid or somebody else. And we had a series of housekeepers who did the best they could. For me, I always kept my area super clean and organized. The same went for anywhere else I spent time inside our house. I just clean it all up before I could even go in there. Certainly has spilled over to my adult life. I don’t have a housekeeper and I don’t spend the day sipping wine in the HVAC cooling of my house. I normally so busy that I just can’t even spend a few months minutes catching my breath inside the air conditioning of my own. But just like everybody else, I’ve got chores to do. Over the last few years, I noticed that our indoor air just didn’t smell right. And then it just got worse and worse and worse. I tried all the deodorizers I could find, but I finally gave up and went to the HVAC professional. Really though, who better to help with indoor air quality than the HV AC company? They hooked me up with an air purifier. But it’s not one of those that you have to move around the house. I have a whole home air purification system that works with the HVAC equipment to completely and thoroughly clean my indoor air.


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