All they had to do was replace the HVAC

It happens all the time around here.

One minute there is a local business place opening and the next, it’s closing.

Owning a small business by myself, I know that when new signs go up for a new business there may be a failed business in its wake. That is certainly true of a little restaurant that was so good but just couldn’t get the basics right. For sure, good commercial HVAC is just fundamental when opening any restaurant. Unless you are serving food to go or it’s exclusively patio dining, you need good heating and cooling. Not too long ago, I went a different way home once I left the commercial HVAC of the office. And I saw that a little restaurant which had such great promise, had closed its doors. Of course, something else would take its place. But what I did notice was that there was an HVAC professional installing new commercial HVAC. The restaurant that had previously occupied that space did not take my advice when it came to upgrading the HVAC equipment. That’s too bad because I think it cost them. The food there was some of the best I have ever eaten. And that’s really saying something as there are plenty of great places around here for dining. But the food was the strong point as the rest of it just wasn’t up to par. While the servers were pleasant and the service was okay the rest of it just didn’t measure up. The first time I dined there, the commercial HVAC was so overwhelmed that I was sweating before I even got my on track. It’s too bad that something is basic as a good commercial HVAC took that place down.

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