HVAC upgrade helps my youngest

My little girl is my favorite.

There, I said it.

Of course, I don’t advertise it but that little girl just owns my heart. My baby girl is just so special because she is so up to the challenge. That girl was born early and it had to fight off lots of problems. In fact, we almost didn’t have her very long. There was some long nights inside the HVAC cooling of the hospital just willing her to live. Maybe that’s where the bond started for me. I sat next to her that little incubation box and willed her to just stay with us. I’m glad she chose to live because she’s just the most unique person I’ve ever met. To this day, she still deals with some health issues that are probably related to those very first first few days of life. One thing my baby daughter is super sensitive to you is temperature change. She’s more sensitive to cold than heat. I think this was pretty clear when she started wearing a hoodie during the summer. And we have a very hot and humid summer here. So I tried to figure out what the best thing I could do for her would be. This led me to make an appointment with the HVAC professionals. I wanted my baby girl to be comfortable inside the house when the rest of us needed all that air conditioning. So the HVAC technicians came out to the house to modify our HVAC equipment. We now have zone controlled HVAC in our home. And my youngest has her own thermostat in her room. These days, she’s much more comfortable and that makes me much more comfortable.


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