In my region, the heat pump is the top dog

When I took a chance on living up north, I was quickly reminded of just how great I had it at home.

I hated the weather and I never could find anyone to do biscuits and gravy just right.

However, the biggest adjustment for me was of course the weather. I really thought that maybe I could deal with the winner after a lifetime full of HVAC cooling. This was something I sort of talked over in my own mind. It would be fun to learn to go skiing and maybe play hockey or something like that. Then go home and enjoy the warmth from the gas furnace. The idea of having a white Christmas in a cozy warm house with HVAC heating was really appealing. Well, having experienced all those things I would say that’s the best part of living up north. The problem for me was that I just couldn’t get my head around the cold enough to enjoy all those fun things about living in the North. There wasn’t a gas furnace big enough to keep me warm. I even had a space heater stashed under my desk at work just to get through the day. And that place had great commercial HVAC. I gave it five years and then took the next transfer back to the home office. Being back in the land of the heat pump has made me happier than ever. I want the sort of winter wear my heat pump hardly have to come on. And if that means going through a tough summer where the HVAC cooling is running all the time I’ll simply be glad to deal with that.


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