It took a group effort to own our HVAC equipment

There’s no other way to describe my feelings when it came to saving for a house.

I was so sick of waiting that I was ready to either give up or find another way.

Well, I found another way to finally own a place that came with good residential HVAC. After more than a decade of saving, I decided to take a more creative and aggressive approach to owning my own. I was sick of the poor heating and cooling in my apartment and was ready for my own HVAC equipment. Myself and two couples who are also in the same boat, decided to pool our money and purchase a house. With our money working together, we were able to get a three story home and we turned into three separate living spaces. Before we did anything, we had a lawyer draw up papers to protect all of our interest. From there, it was about transforming the house into three separate spaces. The biggest issue was getting the HVAC right for all of us. We wanted to go with heating and cooling that would be customized in each living space. The HVAC professionals suggested that we go with ductless heat pumps. So we have a ductless multi split heating and cooling system on every floor. It works out really well as we all have our own thermostats and can I adjust the heating and cooling just the way we want it. It sure feels good to own my own house and have the best quality heating and air money can buy.

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