Keep the HVAC heating costs manageable by being proactive

Being a first time homeowner was just so exciting for me.

  • After all the apartments, I was ready to have my own place and my own HVAC equipment.

But this also came with it a big learning curve just like everything else. It was just so much to learn. When things like my HVAC equipment needed service, it was up to me. I made sure that this was one of the things I addressed right away. I have the HVAC professionals come out to do the heating maintenance early so I knew that the gas furnace would be in great shape for the winter. And this was a really good thing. I certainly didn’t want to have any HVAC break down in the middle of my first winter in my first home. Still I was sort of surprised at the heating bills that first winter. The HVAC equipment was only three years old and was in really good shape. Plus, I had the HVAC technician do all the heating maintenance. But what I didn’t know was it was all about winter prep on the house. This is just as important as preparing the gas furnace for the winter. So this year, I’m on top of getting the house already for the winter. I replaced storm door along with weather stripping around all the entrances. I also added insulation to the attic and call up every gap and crack on the exterior of the house. This winter is going to be much warmer inside and I’m definitely going to save big on HVAC heating cost.



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