The heat pump is doing more for the house than just the cooling

I love it when I find hidden value from stuff I spend money on.

It’s strange perhaps that I get so much satisfaction from this sort of surprise.

So the fact that I get heating and cooling plus humidity control from the heat pump makes me very, very pleased. I love the fact that the heat pump is such a versatile piece of residential HVAC. Living in an area that experience is more HVAC cooling than heating is ideal when it comes to having a heat pump. Actually, the heat pump was sort of designed for the HVAC cooling job instead of heating. A heat pump is designed to do just what its name suggests. A heat pump works by moving, or pumping heat energy from one place to another. During the summer, the heat pump does this when the HVAC cooling process starts by extracting heat energy and pumping it outside. Then the HVAC equipment replaces that heat energy with cooler air and we have what is considered modern HVAC cooling. Yet, the process of exhausting the heat energy comes with added benefit of balancing the humidity. As the heat pump is removing that heat energy, it’s also taking with it a great deal of moisture. And this is why we enjoy humidity balance inside our homes during the summer. Now when there is a need for heating, we move the thermostat to the heating position. And the heat pump simply reverses the process by extracting heat energy from the outside air and bringing it in. That’s really like a 3 in one value for the heat pump.

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