I broke our glasses and I could not see the dial on the control unit.

There is nothing worse than chopping your glasses and not seeing the dial on the control unit.

My hubby was constantly telling me every one of us needed a digital control unit, however I liked our old control unit. He anxious because I was going blind and I often set our glasses down and could not find them. He said if every one of us got a digital control unit, every one of us could get a smart control unit. All of us could go on the computer and adjust the temperature instead of worrying about trying to see the screen on the control unit. I liked the idea, however I was stubborn. I didn’t love not being able to see, and I was vain enough to not disclose it to anyone. When I dropped our glasses, I could not see well enough to find them, and I ended up stepping on them. I had to call our hubby and tell him it was getting cold in the house. I had tried to turn up the heat, however I must have been turning it down. I told him I stepped on our glasses and I could not find our old 1s. He said he would be home in less than an hour, however I didn’t suppose what time it was and I didn’t want him to leave work early. I made our way to our PC and dialed speed dial ‘1’, which was our neighbor. Two hours later, she was at the home with me, and I had her call our hubby back. She helped me find our old glasses and reset the control unit for me. When our hubby got home, he said the Heating and A/C business would be there the next day to install a up-to-date Smart Thermostat with big numerical readout, and he would put the program on his PC.

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