I wondered if everyone had this much trouble with pets and HVAC technicians?

I had three dogs and two cats in our family.

They were my fur babies, and I took care of them like they were my own children. I wanted them to be a part of the family and everyone accepted them as being my babies. The only people who didn’t accept my fur babies as mine was when I had the HVAC technician at my house. I didn’t think it was right that they could dictate where my babies were allowed to be. I would get a call from the HVAC company, telling me I had to have the ‘animals’ locked up before their HVAC technician would come into the house or on the property. I never locked my babies up and I didn’t think the HVAC technician had the right to request it. I usually put them in their room and closed the door, but Ally wasn’t feeling well. I wanted her next to me so I could monitor her. I got the phone call half an hour before the HVAC technician arrived to work on my furnace, and I put my other babies in their bedroom when his service van drove into the driveway. Ally was lying on the sofa with her head lolling off the side. He took one look at Ally and refused to come into the house. I promised him she wouldn’t bother him because she was sick, but he wouldn’t budge. When Ally saw the HVAC technician at the door, she growled, because she knew he was going to make her go away. I wondered if everyone had problems with their animals, like I did when the HVAC technician arrived.

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