It took them a week to repair my furnace.

I didn’t know why, but it took my husband and brother a week to repair my furnace, and it still wasn’t working right. I didn’t want them touching the furnace. I hate when they get together repairing anything in my home, and my sister feels the same way. I don’t know why we allow it in the first place, but somehow, we end up going along with their crazy scheming to work on all our appliances. The only reason I said yes to them working on the furnace last week was because I thought it would be an easy fix. I really didn’t think it needed much more than a new air filter, and maybe some cleaning. By the time they gave up, I had no heating, and I was calling the HVAC company to make the repairs. The HVAC technician cleaned out the mouse nest that had settled around the burner during the summer. He repaired what my husband and his brother did, and it cost me more than if I had paid for the maintenance. He asked me what happened to the furnace? I explained that the local handy persons thought they could make some repairs and clean the furnace better than the professionals. He laughed and told me I had to learn to keep my husband and brother away from the furnace, and reminded me what they did to the air conditioning unit last year. I wished I had forgotten, because I could have said he just had a winning smile, but he had a winning smile and all sense goes away when he uses it on me.


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