My dog acted love a monster, but he was entirely a pussycat.

Charlie was Mastiff and St.

Bernard mix.

He looked and acted love a monster cat, but he was entirely a pussycat. His best friends are a dog and a Chihuahua, however chiChi is the dangerous cat, however they seldom take her serious. She will start yapping and acting brave, however she hides behind Charlie while doing it. Milly, the cat, tucks herself into Charlie’s side and naps most of the time, and he won’t transport until she is awake. Whenever the doorbell rings, he barks, which echoes through the house, and lets me suppose someone is there. He will jump up at the door, and since he is looking out the window that is almost numerous feet off the ground, whoever is outside gets put on alert. When the Heating and A/C business showed up for the first time, he almost fell off the porch; he backed up so hastily. I said his name, and Charlie went back over and looked at me love I had just punished him. The Heating and A/C business asked if I was going to put them away, however I told him none of them would transport as long as Charlie was calm. Before the Heating and A/C business left, Charlie made his way to the basement to check out this up-to-date person. He crept down the stairs, which had me and the Heating and A/C business laughing. He was crawling on his belly until he got close enough for me to pet him. He is now great friends with the Heating and A/C business, and he barks at ChiChi to keep him quiet and away from the Heating and A/C business.

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