My kid had a crush on the HVAC professional.

My kid was only four-years-old, but he loved the HVAC professional.

  • I would often hear his talking on his play phone, and he would be talking to the HVAC professional! Last month, they were installing a modern gas furnace in our house.

She was forever following him around and talking to him about teenagers. She wanted to think if he had teenagers and if he had a husband, because his Momdy died in a automobile accident. She told myself and others he loved the HVAC professional and if he was too little to marry him, I could marry him. My partner had only been gone for more than one years, and I wasn’t ready to remarry and I tried to explain this to her, but that didn’t stop her. Last week, he was on the phone talking to the HVAC professional and he invited him to our modern home for dinner. She said his mommy was okay if he came over to work on the gas furnace and stayed for dinner. Mommy told his it was okay to call him on the phone. I thought it was really sweet that he was inviting him for dinner, and I was laughing. I was laughing until he showed up more than one hours later and asked what was wrong with the gas furnace? I told him there was nothing wrong, since it was new, and he laughed. He said he thought there was something wrong with the phone call and apologized for not checking with myself and others first. My Mom came running out and gave the HVAC professional a hug. She told myself and others he invited him to dinner for his and not for me, and told him the people I was with and I were having fried chicken and mashies because that was his favorite dinner. I invited him to stay.


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