My mom told myself and others she wanted to transport in with me.

I knew mom was getting up in age, plus she was having a difficult time getting around… I had recently divorced plus had a multiple-living room, 2-bathroom ranch home, then she asked if she could transport in with myself and others if she sold her house.

  • She would put all the money in a bank account with both our names, plus the two of us could use the money for any repairs I needed for the house plus for household expenses.

I had to give this a lot of thought, because mom had a lot of special needs. I didn’t mind forfeiting my master living room with the en suite lavatory, even though I would need to make the lavatory handicapped friendly for her. I already knew I was going to need a new oil furnace plus I was planning on installing central a/c, even though I would need to install zone control with mom here. If I agree, I’ll undoubtedly also install a smart thermostat. I wouldn’t need to worry about her leaving the thermostat set at eighty all afternoon long because I could use my phone plus reset the thermostat whenever I saw it was up that high, after a week, I called plus told her what toil I needed to do to the house, plus she was so cheerful she was crying. She said she had already put her house on the market, but if I didn’t want her with me, she understood. She was going to get a small house in 1 of those highrises where they had doctors on duty all the time. I suppose I appreciate her staying with me.