My wife was knowledgeable when it came to HVAC equipment

She woke up in the morning, swearing that she had heard something moving in the ducts in the dead of evening, and she was far from a liar, but the mere fact that she had a flair for the dramatics meant she might have been exaggerating the facts a little, as most people called her, HoneyBeth was unlucky enough to have me for a partner! Our natures were utterly different, but as they say, opposites attract! Pleasing HoneyBeth meant you had to leave her to her own devices on matters such as choosing the air conditioning company.

She ensured that we had the best A/C maintenance program because anything short of the best was inadequate.

We obtained a media air cleaner, but later HoneyBeth l learned the advantages of an indoor air cleaning plan to the air quality. That is how we ended up calling the air conditioning provider twice within the same week. I heard her on the cellphone with the air conditioning professional as she relayed our alleged list of problems. It never ceases to amaze me how smart she was on weird subjects. At one time, a guy from the indoor comfort company once asked me if my partner was once a cooling system serviceman because she knew more about air conditioning than any homeowner he had met. only one who had worked in the cooling industry could know. It was while in an air conditioning repair! By the end of the call, I knew we were about to have a new A/C installation. we already had a quality cooling system, but I knew she would come up with a long foolscap list of why it was incompetent. In a week, we would have a multi-split air conditioning plan which is ductless, and a new control device to go with it.


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