Never settling for less than perfect air quality and service

When you grow up on the side of the city where the A/C barely works, you treasure any form of indoor comfort; It was my life growing up as well as piqued my curiosity about the cooling industry.

After high school, I met an air conditioning worker who took me under his wing.

I learned more about air conditioning as well as everything I could about cooling technology, and after some time, I started my apprenticeship. I especially loved studying about A/C replacement! The first cooling system I worked on was a multi-split air conditioning. I would never have imagined such a cooling system existed when I was in my childhood home. I had never experienced a quality a/c running in our home, when I finally became a certified cooling system serviceman, the first thing I did with some of the currency I had saved was to buy my parents a programmable temperature control. I did the best I could in my job, as well as after a while, I got hired by a different air conditioning dealer that provided better pay! Unlike the first time I was an apprentice, I did not feel worried being the new air conditioning worker. I was now confident in my craft, and the indoor comfort dealer had become a second skin. Air conditioning service was a walk in the park, while A/C service was a specialty of mine. The senior A/C tech I was apprenticing under taught me a few tricks, as well as with time I gained confidence. From then on, I never settled for anything less than quality repair and great air quality. My siblings and I worked on renovating our parents’ house! Life was finally giving us a break, and our parents could work one job, not three, like when we were growing up. we could support them, not genuinely but to a sufficient extent.

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