Our Halloween celebration was being held in the basement.

The two of us had all the plans for our Halloween made, plus my hubby was decorating, but he had the haunted room all ready for visitors when he came flying up the stairs.

I thought he was going to scream plus say the basement was undoubtedly haunted, which is what he tried every year, this year, he was even more frightened plus told myself and others this was the scariest Halloween the two of us could imagine.

He heard a noise coming from the oil furnace, plus he was afraid it was going to die on us. He didn’t need to say anything more. I was already calling the Heating and Air Conditioning company. I wasn’t going to allow a broken oil furnace to ruin our annual Halloween celebration. The Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman said he would be at the house in about 2 hours, which provided us plenty of time to have the oil furnace repaired plus ready for the celebration, and by the time he arrived, the oil furnace was dead in the water, plus the house was cooling hastily. I had the fireplace going, even though I anxious it wouldn’t keep the house moderate enough. The two of us had a couple of space oil heating systems the two of us planned on putting in the basement, just in case, but the two of us wanted to hold off using them until the two of us found out if the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman was going to arrive in time, and when our child got new home from college, he asked why it was so cold in the house, plus the two of us told him the oil furnace was broken. He ran to town plus picked up a gas fireplace for the basement. He said it would save us money plus it would be a good addition to the holiday mood.