The A/C technician took me under his wing

When you grow up on the side of town where the heating and air conditioning barely works, you treasure any form of indoor comfort.

It was my life growing up and piqued my curiosity about the cooling industry.

After middle school, I met an air conditioner professional who took me under his wing. I learned more about air conditioning and everything I could about cooling technology, and after some time, I started my apprenticeship. I especially loved studying about heating and air conditioning upgrades! The first cooling system I inspected was a multi-split cooling system. I would never have imagined such a cooling system existed when I was in our childhood home. I had never experienced a quality air conditioner running in our home! When I finally became a certified cooling system serviceman, the first thing I did with some of the money I had saved was to buy my parents a programmable temperature control. I did the best I could in our job, and after a while, I got hired by a different air conditioner supplier that gave better pay! Unlike the first time I was an apprentice, I did not feel anxious being the new air conditioner professional. I was now confident in our craft, and the indoor comfort company had become a second skin. Air conditioning repair was a walk in the park, while heating and air conditioning repair was a specialty of mine. The senior heating and air conditioning tech I was apprenticing under taught me a few tricks, and with time I gained confidence! From then on, I never settled for anything less than quality service and wonderful air quality, but my siblings and I inspected renovating our parents’ house. Life was finally giving us a break! Our parents could work one job, not multiple, like when we were growing up. We could support them, though not really but to a reasonable extent.


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