Why would anyone turn off the power in the winter?

Her daughter told me she had dementia and often forgets things

I got a phone call from my neighbor last week. She got home from shopping and the furnace wasn’t working. She had icicles hanging from her ceiling because of broken pipes. She said she wanted me to turn the furnace back on so she could get heat in the house and melt the ice. I worried about her not having heat, and I ran right over. I knew she couldn’t stay in the house with broken pipes, so I asked for her daughter’s phone number. I wanted to make sure she had some place to stay until the homeowner’s insurance adjuster arrived and got repairs done on the house. I got in touch with her daughter, who told me she would be right over. In the meantime, I was looking around the house, and I realized someone had turned off the power. I asked her if she had forgotten to pay the power bill, but she couldn’t remember. Her daughter showed up half an hour later, and I had left a note on the door for her to come to my house. She walked in and asked what happened. I said there was no power and without power; the furnace didn’t work and the pipes froze. She hugged her mom and asked if she was okay. My neighbor said she thought her husband had paid the bills, and I was confused. He died over four years ago. Her daughter told me she had dementia and often forgets things. It took three months to get the house repaired, and the furnace replaced, but she never moved back. Her daughter moved her in with her, where she didn’t need to worry about lack of heating, or forgetting to pay her bills.