I wanted a few different modifications.

I only had our license for a year when I obtained a up-to-date car! The car wasn’t showroom new, however it was up-to-date to myself and others plus I wanted to make it our own.

The first thing I was going to do was provide our exhaust a nice little rumble, however i didn’t want the sound that made the car sound like a wind-up toy our dad had made fun of; She said they sounded like they were going fast, however they were still being left behind.

I told the girl at the car dealership that I wanted a few exhaust modifications made. I asked about glass packs plus she said that wasn’t a rumble, however an all out roar plus asked if our dad approved of them. She said there were other exhaust modifications that wouldn’t be as loud plus disruptive. She said something about weird exhaust pipes that could provide a car a nice rumble, although I was interested in glass packs. The girl did the exhaust modification I suggested plus told myself and others it would cost extra if I had to remove it… When I got home, our dad came running outside. She wanted to guess if I had lost our muffler on the way home. I told him I had glass packs installed, plus she told myself and others to have them removed. I couldn’t guess she was being so stubborn. She said I would end up getting arrested in this area, plus she wanted the glass packs removed. She called the shop where I went for the exhaust modifications plus said the two of us would be there in an second.

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