Building a condo was harder than I ever thought it would be

Ally and I just finished building our house.

  • It was way harder to get everything done than I thought it would be, that’s for sure.

Ally and I have been laboring on the project for almost 10 weeks now so that is a full multiple weeks longer than we thought it was going to take us to be completely finished with the entire house. I guess that we just never entirely understood all the things that were involved in building a new condo from the ground up. I knew that it was going to be time consuming plus everything, although I just didn’t believe that Ally and I were going to have so multiple troubles with every single part of the building process! Now that Ally and I are almost done, I’m finally starting to think better about it. A few weeks ago whenever Ally and I were laboring on the heating plus cooling system installation, I thought that I would lose it! The Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer ordered the wrong size HVAC duct, plus that set me back a few weeks. Then they also ordered the wrong model of natural gas furnace. It was entirely just 1 thing after another plus it was undoubtedly frustrating for myself and Ally plus my hubby to have to deal with. I am entirely blissful that they finally got the Heating plus Air Conditioning stuff figured out plus installed; Now, the last thing that Ally and I have to do is choose heating plus cooling air register covers plus Ally and I will be done! I am so gleeful to be finished so that Ally and I can move in! It won’t be a day too soon.



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