Ed and I stayed outside in the RV

Ed and I went to my sister’s new home for vacation a few weeks ago.

They live about six and a half hours away from us so going there to visit is kind of a haul for us! Ed and I constantly pack everything up as well as Ed and I prefer spending the weekend or a few days whenever the people I was with and I go down to visit.

The last time that Ed and I went out there, the weather had started cooling down just a little bit as well as so Ed and I decided that it would be fun to stay outside in their camper in their driveway. I usually adore sleeping outside in their camper but the temperature outside ended up being a lot colder than I entirely thought it would be. By the time the middle of the night came, Ed and I were chilly outside. That’s when I realized that the oil furnace in the camper wasn’t working out as well as I could not get it to turn on for some reason. I tried as well as tried to get the oil furnace running but no matter what I did, it would not turn on. I believe that a fuse might have blown or something adore that as well as I did not have any other heating source. I wound up having to go as well as bang on her door so that she would let myself and others inside the house for the rest of the night. Even though it was absolutely crowded inside, I told them that I would prefer being crowded as well as not chilly than to be outside in the chilly camper all by myself; Usually I adore having alone time, but this time the oil furnace was better than being alone!


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