I got very embarrassed by the state of the air filter

I was pretty embarrassed by the state of my HEPA air filter the other day when the Heating plus Air Conditioning service tech was at my house.

I had made an appointment to get the air conditioner system tuned up and inspected so that it would be all ready to go in the Spring when the weather started to heat up again.

I always try to get the A/C tuned up at the end of the sizzling season because I think that I should give it a nice rest before I start using it again every day in the Spring plus during the summer. Anyway, the Heating plus Air Conditioning serviceman was an entirely nice woman plus she and I were talking about how crucial official service is to the health plus quality of your central Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I was agreeing with him about everything plus she and I were shaking our heads together at the way that certain people don’t take better care of their heating plus cooling systems. But then when she went to pull the HEPA air filter out of my air conditioner system, I realized that I had not changed it in weeks on end. The fact that I was laying there with him as she pulled it out plus it was covered in several weeks worth of dirt, dust, plus grime entirely made myself and others think stupid. I stood there looking sheepish plus she knew that I felt prefer a immense dummy. She just shook her head sadly, as if I had disappointed him in some way. It was entirely 1 of the more embarrassing things that has ever happened to me, if you want to think the truth!

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