I needed some help with the humidity

I needed a little help with the humidity levels in the house! All of us have been living down south here in the hottest part of the country for the last 6 weeks or so! So far, I am not entirely doing all that well with the massive swings in temperature.

The venue that Ed and I moved from was not quite this sizzling hot, plus the worst part is that I have never had to deal with so much humidity for my whole life.

The high hot plus cold temperatures down here would not be so bad if it were not for the high humidity. I believe that 1 of the most interesting things that I have l gained since moving here is the fact that the air conditioner is so crucial at getting rid of humidity, but before living here, I had no plan that the humidity was going to be such a concern for me. I don’t like it, though. Whenever the condo gets humid, it makes everything think damp plus uncomfortable to myself and Ed plus I just don’t like it. I did not think that air conditioner systems are easily able to get the excess humidity out of your home, but when I moved down here I gained that entirely suddenly. I have been running the air conditioner in the condo almost since Ed and I moved in here plus it’s not even because of the heat. I think that I’m spending a ton on the cooling bills in this condo simply because I want to get rid of the humidity. I believe that I am easily going to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer to see if they might have some other suggestions for myself and Ed because there has to be something else that Ed and I can do to decrease all of the humidity here.


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