I Wish I Had Learned How to Service Heating, Ventilation, and A/C

If I had learned how to service my own heating and cooling system, I would have been able to save a lot of currency over the years, however, I would also have a great sense of accomplishment by fixing my own a/c or heater.

I realize that most people are not cut out to be able to install and service air conditioning, despite the fact that I believe if I had learned when I was younger, I would have been able to do it. I may not have decided to be a heating, ventilation, and A/C serviceman for my main source of income, despite the fact that I also could have used it as a little side hustle. Between fixing my own heating, ventilation, and A/C when it has broken down throughout the years and also repairing the heating, ventilation, and A/C unit, other people as a moonlighting task absolutely could have helped me financially. The woman that came to service my a/c not too long ago had to climb up into the attic to deal with whatever the concern was. Ironically the woman who fixes the A/C has to practically pass out from heat stroke because of the places she has to go and crawl into, then at my other house, when I needed some air conditioning assistance, occasionally they had to go under the crawl space of the house. That, too, is truly hot, and it may have even had the skeletons of old disgusting animals that died under there as well. Not to mention scary living spiders! My point is, being the A/C woman is not all glamorous and everything, however it makes for a great living and it also can save you currency if you can service your own heating and cooling system.

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